Rules & Safety

Safety - Safety of all runners is our number one priority.

  • Items not allowed on the race course include: backpacks, pets, strollers, bikes, roller blades, skate boards, etc.
  • Items allowed on the race course include: heart rate monitors, water bottles, hydration packs, GPS watches, medical kits and gel packets. All items are subject to be searched.
  • For the safety of ALL runners, headphones are strongly discouraged. Runners who choose to run while wearing headphones assume full responsibility and must be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Time Limit

The Navy-Air Force Half Marathon and Navy 5 Miler adheres to a strict timeline for the start, on-course, and finish times of the event. The official race clock will be tracked by race officials. If you miss the start of your wave, you will not be allowed to start until the next wave. Half marathon participants who miss the half marathon start may join the 5-miler participants. It is the participant’s responsibility to be at the start of their wave. No refunds will be issued for missing the start.

Timing & Scoring

  • Simmo Data Systems will be providing the official timing of the race.
  • All participants must have a race number to start and run the half marathon and 5 miler courses.
  • B-Tag: The B-tag, attached to your bib number, is your disposable RFID tag that records a runner’s official time. Do not remove this tag or you will not receive an official race time.
  • Official Time: Official time begins when a runner crosses the start line and concludes when he/she crosses the finish line.
  • Gun Time: Gun time will be utilized to determine the awards for the top three male and female finishers. All other awards will be determined by net time.
  • Split Mats: Timing mats will be placed along the race course to record split times. Runners must cross all timing mats.
  • Wheelchairs: Push-rim and hand cycles will both be scored. If you are a wheelchair participant, please be aware the course terrain includes hills.
  • Disqualification: Runners will be disqualified if found cheating the course or not following event rules. Specific reasons include, but are not limited to:
    • Not running the full designated race course by cutting the course, failing to start at the start, using an alternate form of transportation, changing direction after a water stop, bathroom break, or rest stop, etc.
    • Impersonating another runner by wearing a bib number assigned to someone else, having another runner carry your bib number, carrying another runner's bib number, misrepresenting your age or gender,
    • Running with prohibited items, such as, pets, strollers, etc.

Bib Policy

  • Runners are required to wear the official participant bib with the number on the front of their clothing.
  • Coupons will be attached to each bib for the following:
    • Shirt – Trade the shirt coupon to receive your event shirt at packet pick-up.
    • Post-Race Food – Trade in the post-race food coupon to receive your post-race food.
    • SWAPPING IS NOT ALLOWED. Handing off bib numbers leads to liability issues and an adverse impact on scoring, results and awards.

Water Stations

Water will be provided at the start and finish and around every 2 miles along the race course. 


Medical stations will be provided along the race course and at the finish line. Medics on bike and gators will be patrolling the course as well.

    No federal endorsement of sponsors or advertisers is intended.